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Chairs, yes, chairs.

Paul Bostwick
FileMaker Pro and Fundraising consulting for non-profit organizations.

and a "Skunkworks" solar project : Hot Hybrid photovoltaic thermal collectors....

if you are here for the Hot Hybrids, I have two things to share:

A White Paper and some Suggested Reading (links to other important work in hybrids)


This site is for people interested in learning about:

Paul Bostwick
Some Database Basics
FileMaker Pro Tips and Tricks (demo files)
Links to White Papers about database issues

Some items are written to promote basic database design literacy so they are focused on beginning users/consumers. Others items are focused on information and interface design, which is the other side of the same coin. In effect this is first, "where should it go" and then, "how do we make obvious where things are and how to work with them."

I am working on my résumé but you are welcome to check it out either the boring old static html way...
The super-cool, here exclusively for you, limited-time only, interactive, newfangled format:

as a Database
download your copy now!

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